Plain language

Clear and effective communication

We were introduced to plain language when we worked on the fringes of a project to rewrite letters to policyholders. We’ve been hooked ever since.

Plain language is all about the reader. It’s about structuring and writing your content in a way that makes it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for, understand what you’re telling them, and know what to do with that information.

There’s no hiding behind fine print and long, complicated words and sentences. Although there’s a lot of focus on using plain language in consumer documents, the principles work just as well in other areas: internal communication, marketing and external reporting to name a few.

As plain language specialists, we can assist with:

Plain language audits (assessing documents)
Converting documents and legal agreements into plain language so they are user-friendly and easy for anyone to understand.
Training you and your team to write clear, concise and useful documents by applying the principles of plain language to everything they write.